VGA PS2 Extension Cable Bundle, KVM Interface, Triple Shielded VGA, No Ghosting Guaranteed

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VGA + PS/2 Keyboard and Mouse Extension Cable

NTI Part #: VKMEXT-3-Group
Extend a VGA monitor and a PS/2 keyboard and mouse up to 100 feet. No Ghosting & No Degradation. Gold plated contacts.

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  • No Ghosting & No Degradation — Guaranteed.
  • 3-in-1 KVM cable extends a VGA monitor and a PS/2 keyboard and mouse up to 100 feet (30 meters) with a single cable run.
  • Gold plated contacts.
  • Triple shielded for noise reduction.
  • The shield consists of Mylar foil, braided shield and drain wire.
    • Drain wire and braid connected to connector shell.
  • 6 pin miniDIN connectors for keyboard and mouse.
  • 15HD connector for high resolution video.
  • Supports 1920x1200 video resolution up to 100 feet. (30 meters)
  • All male connectors on one end, and all female connectors on the other end.
  • Male to Female connector type (VKMEXT-xx)
    • Male 15HD, male 6 pin miniDIN to female 15HD, female 6 pin miniDIN extension.
  • Male to Male connector type (VKMEXT-xx-MM)
    • Male 15HD, male 6 pin miniDIN to male 15HD, male 6 pin miniDIN extension.
  • Available in: 3/6/10/15/25/35/50/75/100 feet.
  • VKMEXT-xx-MM: For use with NTI equipment only


  • “Thank you for your prompt shipment of my VEXT-25 cable. It arrived yesterday and works like a charm.

    I had spoken to a local electronic shop and told them I wanted to locate my computer 20 feet away from the keyboard, mouse and monitor. They said it couldn’t be done! Anything over 10 feet would degrade the signal. Well, you proved them wrong. Your cable allows me to position the computer away from my desk as I wanted. You suggested the VKMEXT cable on the phone and your help is most appreciated. It’s exactly what I needed.”

    Paul Carron
    Green Bay, Wisconsin
  • “I just bought 75' male to female extension cables for my keyboard, mouse and VGA. Using the VVKEXT-75 extension (male-female) cable, the video looks great at 75' away on a 20" CRT monitor. Thanks for some products that work. Also, the mouse and keyboard are also working great!”

    Jeremy Waybright
    Hollis, NH

(0)VGA, PS/2 Keyboard & Mouse, Male to Female Cable

NTI Part # Length Qty
VKMEXT-3 3 feet
VKMEXT-6 6 feet
VKMEXT-25 25 feet
VKMEXT-35 35 feet
VKMEXT-75 75 feet
VKMEXT-100 100 feet

(0)VGA, PS/2 Keyboard & Mouse, Male to Male Cable

NTI Part # Length Qty
VKMEXT-3-MM 3 feet
VKMEXT-6-MM 6 feet
VKMEXT-15-MM 15 feet
VKMEXT-35-MM 35 feet
VKMEXT-100-MM 100 feet
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