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Down and Up Angled to Straight Connector VGA Cable, Male-to-Male

NTI Part #: VEXT-DAS-xx-MM-Group
NTI Part #: VEXT-DAS-xx-MM-Group
The strain relief connector shell angles the cable straight down or up, preventing excessive bending while reducing stress on the cable.

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  • No ghosting and no degradation - guaranteed.
  • Angled Down or Up connector enables easy installation in tight spots.
    • VEXT-DAS-xx-MM: Down Angle to Straight
    • VEXT-UAS-xx-MM: Up Angle to Straight
  • Supports 1920x1200 (WUXGA) video resolution up to 50 feet (15 meters).
  • Three 75 ohm micro coaxial cables.
  • Male 15HD to male angled 15HD extension (down or up exit).
  • Available lengths: 1.5/3/6/10/15/25/50 feet.

    (0)Down Angle to Straight VGA Video Cable - Male-Male

    NTI Part # Length Qty
    VEXT-DAS-1-5-MM 1.5 feet
    VEXT-DAS-10-MM 10 feet
    VEXT-DAS-15-MM 15 feet
    VEXT-DAS-25-MM 25 feet
    VEXT-DAS-50-MM 50 feet

    (0)Up Angle to Straight VGA Video Cable - Male-Male

    NTI Part # Length Qty
    VEXT-UAS-1-5-MM 1.5 feet
    VEXT-UAS-3-MM 3 feet
    VEXT-UAS-6-MM 6 feet
    VEXT-UAS-10-MM 10 feet
    VEXT-UAS-15-MM 15 feet
    VEXT-UAS-25-MM 25 feet
    VEXT-UAS-50-MM 50 feet
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