VGA Plenum Video Cable, KVM Extension Extend Keyboard Monitor Mouse with long cord

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NTI’s VGA cable for video monitor extension. Video cable extends your display possibilities with guaranteed 1900x1200 resolution through 100 ft (30 m).

The superior construction of our triple shielded VGA monitor cable delivers crisp and clear high resolution video without booster boxes. Gold plated copper contact pins maximize conductivity with no loss of data. To help customers find the perfect solution to meet their application and budget needs, NTI offers three varieties of video cables: Multi-Minicoax Cable, Multi-RG59 Cable, and Discreet-Coax Cable.

Also known as: PC Video Cables, Video Adapters, VGA & USB Extension, VGA & USB Interface.
PC VGA & USB Extension Cables & Adapters
  • VGA Monitor Extension Cable

    VGA Monitor Extension Cable

    Extend a VGA monitor up to 100 feet with no ghosting or degradation. Gold plated contacts.

  • Plenum VGA Monitor Cable

    Plenum VGA Monitor Cable

    Extend a VGA monitor up to 100 feet at high resolutions up to 1920x1200. Ideal for applications in walls and plenum airspaces.

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