USB PS/2 Adapter, USB PS2 Converter USB female to PS2 male adapter

USB to PS2 Adapter, use to Connect a USB PC to an NTI Legacy Switch

NTI Part #: USB-PS2
Connect PS/2 Keyboard and Mouse to USB Computer. Connect PS/2 Port on KVM Switch to USB Port.
Also known as: USB to PS/2 Adapter, PS/2 USB Adapter, USB female to PS/2 male adapter

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The USB to PS/2 Adapter allows you to connect your PS/2-compatible mouse and keyboard as USB compatible devices.
  • Connects NTI legacy KVM switches to PS/2 with USB port.
  • Supports two PS/2 devices (Keyboard and Mouse) and converts to the USB Interface (PC, MAC or SUN).
  • Converts the user USB port of a NTI USB KVM Switch to a PS/2 (Keyboard and Mouse).
  • Converts the PC PS/2 port of a NTI KVM switch to a USB port (PC, MAC or SUN).
  • No software driver is needed.
  • No power adapter is needed.
  • Supports standard PS/2 mouse, IntelliMouse®.
  • Compatible to USB 1.0 and 1.1 Specification.
  • Support UHCI and OHCI USB Interface.


  • Transfer Rate is 1.5 Mbps.
  • System Requirements:
    • PC Windows 98/SE/ME; Windows 2000; Windows XP; Windows NT.
    • Netware 4.11, 5.0, HP Unix, Linux.
    • Apple computer G3/G4 MAC O.S. 8.6 or higher.
    • SUN Microsystems with USB interface (Sun Stop-A, Stop-D, Stop-F & Stop-N keys and SUN Power-Up are not supported.)
Keystroke Translation for USB/PS2 Adapter*
Stop Left Window + Left Alt Open Left Window + F2 Copy Left Window + F6 Power Left Window + F12
Props Left Window + Left Ctrl Find Left Window + F3 Paste Left Window + F7 Mult Left Window + "1"
Compose Left Window + Left Shift Again Left Window + F4 Cut Left Window + F8 Vol - Left Window + "2"
Front Left Window + F1 Undo Left Window + F5 Help Left Window + F11 Vol+ Left Window + "3"
* Use the chart above to type SUN's additional 14 keys with a Windows keyboard.

  • "The USB-PS2 adapter is a slam dunk — excellent performance for the price. The ordering process was a piece of cake, and the sales staff was great also. We will be buying from you again."

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