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Probe-Style Temperature Sensor

NTI Part #: E-STSMA-E7
E-STSMA-E25 - Aluminum Probe-Style Temperature Sensor
E-STSMA-E25 - Aluminum Probe-Style Temperature Sensor
NTI Part #: E-STSMA-E7

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  • For use with E-2D/5D/16D.
    • E-2D: only compatible with Rev C units (features two power inputs).
    • Not compatible with E-SEMS-16(U).
  • Applications from -4 to 140°F (-20 to 60°C).
  • High resistance to external influences on the cable due to digital output signal.
  • Temperature accuracy:
    • ±1.26°F (±0.70°C) for -4 to 41°F (-20 to 5°C).
    • ±0.72°F (±0.40°C) for 41 to 140°F (5 to 60°C).
  • Sensor is available in a plastic or aluminum probe-style enclosure.
    • E-STSM-E7: ABS Plastic sensor housing with vent openings for efficient environmental temperature sensing.
    • E-STSMA-E7: Aluminum probe for added thermal conductivity (applications where surface temperature is needed).
  • Length: 7 feet.
  • Includes an RJ45 coupler to extend the sensor up to 1000 feet (305 m) using CATx cable (minimum 24AWG).
  • MTBF: 3,904,220 hours.
  • Current consumption: 20mA @ 12VDC.
  • Powered by E-2D/5D/16D.
  • Regulatory approvals: CE, RoHS.
  • Compatible with E-FSC Fiber Converter/Extender.
    • Use to extend sensor up to 1.2 miles (2km) from the E unit.