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Zener Barrier – Intrinsically Safe Barrier

NTI Part #: E-ISZB
Environment Monitoring System Intrinsically Safe Barriers
Zener Barrier compatible with E-2D, E-5D and E-16D

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  • Limits the amount of energy allowed to pass into a hazardous area, which inhibits ignition in flammable atmospheres.
  • Electrically isolates pressure and level transmitters from unregulated circuits for intrinsically safe applications.
    • Compatible with E-ULT25IS Intrinsically Safe Ultrasonic Level Transmitter
    • Compatible with E-PSTxxxIS Intrinsically Safe Pressure Sensor Transmitter
  • Requires the ES420MA-24V to operate with E-2D/5D/16D.
  • Transmitter Voltage:
    • 16.2 V @ 20 mA with 250Ω load (negative w.r.t. earth)
    • 11.0 V @ 20 mA with 500Ω load (negative w.r.t. earth).
  • Load Resistance: 0 to 500Ω
  • Terminals: Accommodate up to 2.5 mm² stranded or single-core.
  • Safety Description: 28 µV, 300Ω, 93 mA
  • DIN-rail mountable.