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NTI SNMP Plugin for Zabbix

NTI SNMP Plugin for Zabbix

Integrate ENVIROMUX monitoring systems with the Zabbix open source monitoring package

SNMP Plugin for Zabbix

SNMP Zabbix Template Generator

The NTI SNMP plugin generator (check_nti_snmp.pl) supports generating Zabbix templates.

Generating a Product Configuration

To monitor NTI products with the NTI SNMP plugin for Zabbix, you should first use the script to assist in generating a proper configuration. Using the script to generate the proper configuration greatly eases the burden of deciphering the MIB, interpreting sensor values, etc. To generate a configuration using the script, pass the -m config option, as shown in Listing 1.

Listing 1: Calling the script to generate a configuration

The script will then ask for what type of template to generate. Select the Zabbix solution to generate the template, as shown in Listing 2.

Listing 2: Choosing Zabbix as the monitoring solution

The script will then ask for some information required to generate a configuration, such as product type, IP address, and SNMP community string. An example of the information requested by the script is shown in Listing 3.

Listing 3: Information requested by the script to create a product configuration

After entering all requested information, the script will generate an appropriate template based on your input and the message "Generated Zabbix template file <file name> for host <host name>" will be displayed. Once the template is generated, import the template into Zabbix. Next, setup the host as shown below with SNMP interfaces. Any additional triggers/graphs can be setup for the template as required.

Once the template and host settings are as shown, sensors can be monitored from the Zabbix dashboard.

Sample Sensor Graph: