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Glass Break Detection Sensor, Powered

NTI Part #: E-GBS-P
Glass Break Detection Sensor. Acoustically detects the cracking of glass. Adjustable sensitivity. Includes 12V/1A country-specific power supply.

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  • Acoustically detects the cracking of common framed glass types such as plate, tempered, wired and laminate.
  • Adjustable sensitivity and digital signal processing for greater detection sensitivity and improved false alarm immunity.
  • Includes mounting hardware for wall and ceiling.
  • Detection range: 25 feet.
    • Reduced by drapes and/or blinds.
  • Connect to RJ45 (E-MINI-LXO only) or digital input sensor ports (E-MINI-LXO, E-MICRO, and E-1W).
  • Supports CAT5/5e/6 UTP or STP cables.
  • Screw terminal
    • E-MINI-LXO: To connect to the RJ45 inputs, use CAT5/5e/6 cable terminated at one end with RJ45 connector. Connect the unterminated end to the sensor screw terminal.
    • E-MINI-LXO, E-MICRO, E-1W: To connect to the digital inputs, use a 22 AWG 2-wire cable. Connect the other end to the sensor screw terminal.
  • Maximum cable length: 1,000 ft (305 m)
  • Compatible with E-MINI-LXO, E-MICRO, and E-1W.
    • E-1W only: compatible with the E-DI2-1W Digital Input Expander.
  • Includes 12V/1A power supply.