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Compact-Size Spot Liquid Detector, Point Leak Detection Sensor

NTI Part #: E-SLDO-14-240VTR
Use to detect fluids in confined areas. SPDT alarm contacts. No exposed metal sensing posts, no rust or corroding.

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  • Use to detect fluids in confined areas, such as condensation drip pans.
  • SPDT alarm contacts
  • One generic relay output
  • No exposed metal sensing posts – nothing to rust or corrode
  • Potted electronics — functions when submerged in water
  • Adjustable detection level.
    • Probe height adjustable 0" to 0.75" (0 to 19mm)
  • Dimensions WxDxH: 1.55x1.0x2.0 in (39x25x51 mm)
  • Cable length: 14 feet
    • Maximum cable length: 1000 ft (305m)
  • Includes 240/208/120 to 24 VAC power transformer and country-specific line cord.
  • Compatible with E-2D/5D/16D, E-MINI-LXO, E-MICRO, and E-1W.
    • E-1W only: compatible with the E-DI2-1W Digital Input Expander.
  • Regulatory approvals: CE, RoHS