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How To Update Firmware from Command Line Interface (CLI)

Typographic Conventions:

  • Bold text: Text to be typed in on the computer.
  • <Italic text>: Command line placeholder (User must replace with a name or value).
  • <enter>: Press the Enter/Return key.

The firmware for the SERIMUX-CS-x can be updated from the CLI.

  1. Start up a TFTP server client such as SolarWinds Free TFTP Server or TFTPD32.
    • Example:
      • IP address of Host on which the tftp server is running:

    Note: The security configuration settings of SolarWinds Free TFTP Server will need to be changed to Transmit and Receive instead of Receive Only.

  2. Download the firmware files (for both web and switch) for the SERIMUX-CS-x. (Names of the files can be changed to whatever is suitable.) Place the new firmware files in the folder that the TFTP server is configured to.
    • Firmware Files and TFTP Client
      TFTP Client with SERIMUX-CS-x Firmware Files
    • Example:
      • Switch Firmware filename: serimux-sw-v1-13.bin
      • Web Firmware filename : serimux-eth-v1-9.bin
      • Folder in which the files are stored: \TFTP-Root

  3. Connect to the Command Line Interface via Telnet client such as HyperTerminal, Tera Term, PuTTY, PuTTYtel, etc.
    • The default Telnet connection settings are:
      • IP Address:
      • Port: 23
      • Username: root
      • Password: nti

  4. From the Command Line Interface, issue commands to update the web and switch firmware respectively.
    • Command Format:
      • update web_firmware <host_ip_addr> <file_name> <enter>
      • update switch_firmware <host_ip_addr> <file_name> <enter>

  5. The firmware file is downloaded to the SERIMUX-CS-x and written to flash memory. This may take up to 5-10 minutes.

  6. The system will go to auto reboot within 10 seconds of each completed update. After each completed update, the user will need to restart the Telnet session, and re-login.
    • Update Switch Firmware Example
      SERIMUX-CS-x Switch Firmware Update
      • Command -> update switch_firmware serimux-sw-v1-13.bin <enter>
      • Response -> Please wait while updating switch firmware.
      • Response -> Switch Firmware update successful. System will now reboot.

    • Update Web Interface Firmware Example
      SERIMUX-CS-x Web Interface Firmware Update
      • Command -> update web_firmware serimux-eth-v1-9.bin <enter>
      • Response -> Please wait while updating web firmware.
      • Response -> Web Firmware update successful. System will now reboot.